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The Best Icebreakers for Virtual Meetings

Written by Natalia Denisova, PhD VP, Head of Medical Affairs MphaR
March 9, 2023

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the healthcare industry implemented different techniques to make interactions between pharmaceutical companies, healthcare professionals, and general physicians easier. Fortunately, icebreakers for virtual meetings make it easy to connect with simple activities to build team camaraderie. There may be cases when these professionals feel burned out or a little worn down, that’s when simple virtual meetings help doctors to feel better during this time of uncertainty.

With highly qualified professionals and pharmaceutical companies working together, it’s important to foster team-building relationships as much as possible. Virtual meetings not only connect physicians but also improve the sense of community and quality of life. With digital technology, healthcare providers’ just-in-time availability and social responsibility to patients can be maintained.

On the other hand, serving patients and constantly obliging the healthcare professionals with interactive ice breaker activities overcome the temporal gaps. Most importantly, it eliminates the hospital’s expenses by enhancing the healthcare industry’s commitments to patients. The advent of knowledge transfer, building strong relations, and facilitating pharmaceutical companies through engaging and fun ways, is of utmost significance.

These icebreakers for virtual meetings are the amalgamation of technology and innovation to ensure optimal and improved solutions. Such meetings provide a holistic means to bring about patients’ well-being and strengthen the healthcare fraternity. The significance, requirements, and implementation of icebreakers for virtual meetings for doctors, healthcare professionals, and pharmaceutical companies cannot be neglected.

Icebreakers for virtual meetings comprise interactive games and quick questions as they act as great conversation starters for energizing people. These engaging activities encourage lively discussions by lightening the mood. Such icebreakers reinforce the team-building solutions with pharmaceutical companies by their side. Here are a few quick questions that can drive maximum team engagement and professional communication.

1.    Describe yourself in One Word?

By making use of the word cloud, professionals can share their feelings and sentiments. Such fun questions enable meaningful connections with hospital team or other professionals. This icebreaker session impacts all the professional and personal aspects of healthcare professionals. Whether it’s about their nature or bold personality, this One Word game eventually evaluates the persona of such therapeutic professionals.

2.    It's Ranking Time!

Considering the previous icebreaker approach, a ranking poll may bring in childhood memories or even help to engage people with their favorite things. For instance, how about ranking their favorite movies or best destination places?It’s like an instant check on healthcare professionals to assess everyone’s personality or inclinations at their best.

3.    Appreciate-Your-Day

Doctors, pharmaceutical staff, and other medical employees have to undergo hectic work schedules. To keep them energized, it is important to make them feel acknowledged and thankful. Ask quick questions about what are they thankful for? This not only acts as a morale booster but also keeps them connected.

4.    Mood barometer: Are You Okay Today?

While healthcare professionals strive to work for patients' well-being, it’s imperative to keep a check on their own comfort. The classic “are you okay?” or“what’s in your mind” usually promote the medical staff’s mental or physical health condition. Ask them if they are feeling well – in different ways, maybe in form of a poll. For instance, ask them about their mood barometer on a scale of 1-7. This technique involves engaging in discussions, joking around, or supporting each other in a friendly manner.

5.    Guesses or Short Quizzes

Starting some quiz questions not only enables you to understand these doctors more but also work as a little brain teaser before any sessions. These short fun questions help to maintain a transparent connection between pharmaceutical companies, and physicians. For recurring meetings, it’s important to keep the healthcare professionals engaged.

6.    Good Vibes Only

Gone are the days when healthcare individuals were not given equal opportunities for their well-being and comfort. When it comes to icebreakers for virtual meetings, questions surrounding childhood seem to be the guaranteed conversation starter. You can ask them about their teenage years or something regarding their favorite growing-up habits? Get to know your medicinal colleagues with their nostalgic memories and days to remember and appreciate who they actually are!

7.    Emoji Surprises

Saying it with your favorite emojis makes your healthcare professionals excited and even enhances their sense of humor. Most importantly, expressing feelings with emojis help doctors or nurses to be excited and express their current state of mind. It’s so important to keep them healthy and active with smart games as this approach is exceptional for events and larger meetings.

For this purpose, you can ask them to define their emotional state or which emojis do they love the most. This activity is an ideal way to know your medical staff in terms of fun emojis. This not only makes everyone participate but also keeps them entertained.  

8.    Spark Creativity

While talking about some mood boosters, drawing anything you like or articulating your feelings with sunshine or rain might be a good approach to keep everyone engaged. Rather than verbally talking to healthcare professionals, you can ask them to draw how they feel. It can actually take place on a virtual Whiteboard on screen that can illustrate the exact thoughts. This icebreakers for virtual sessions urges medical staff to come up with something exciting.

9.    Highlights and Achievements

When unsung heroes are discussed or are appreciated on even a monthly basis, things get much better. Thanks to this icebreaker activity, pharmaceutical professionals and even nurses are acknowledged for their hard work and dedication. This is actually a morale booster that lets everyone know about the heroes and star of the month. Such an icebreaker activity brings in higher levels of dedication toward the common goal of welfare and patients’ well-being.

10. Unplanned Pictures

Before starting any virtual meetings, group photos uplift the confidence and determination of pharmaceutical workforce anytime and anywhere. This icebreaker activity is fun to have while bringing in pets or making funny faces. This can get really creative as such photographs can be further used for social media channels with different motivational captions and interactive activities. Such pictures encourage healthcare workers to act as a team and improve their bond with fellow colleagues.

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