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Virtual Meetings

Tips & Tricks for Virtual Meetings

Written by Natalia Denisova, PhD VP, Head of Medical Affairs MphaR
March 9, 2023

Covid-19 has propelled medical science to have an unparalleled chance of accelerating and executing technology-driven adjustments to the system. The pandemic caused several pharmaceutical businesses and health care organizations to reconsider and modify their employees' engagement techniques, manufacturing processes, clinical studies, and supply networks.

The need to keep one's practice up to date or to engage pharmaceutical corporations by addressing virtual meetings is just right here. Of course, virtual conferences connect doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare providers to be more productive with such sessions.

Online meetings and sessions help to create an all-inclusive environment for learning that successfully improves participants' performance and employees' competence.These accomplices will have an incredible experience if the virtual meeting is engaging, well-planned, and enlightening. There’s no denying the fact that such online sessions play a crucial role in improving the well-being and growth of participants.

Therefore, pharmaceutical firms should think about including online virtual meetings in their employees' retention and engagement programs. Several tips and tricks can facilitate interactive sessions that foster significant participation of their employees. Listed below are some of the techniques that can improve online engaging sessions.

Top Tricks that Can Improve Virtual Meeting Sessions

Synchronous and Asynchronous Discussion

When it comes to Synchronous learning technologies, the use of Virtual Advisory Board Platform's online collaboration and video call tools, allows hospitals to keep track of their employees. On the other hand, discussion forums, uploaded materials, and online quizzes are used in an asynchronous unit. So, you can instruct the employees, give them feedback, and evaluate them as needed.

Getting valuable feedback after each session is one of the best online learning ideas that might help your virtual meeting sessions. However, it is critical to ensure that your discussion forums are successful. To improve these discussions, make sure to have a survey so you can have some anonymous feedback.

Upload Pre-reading Materials

By uploading pre-reading materials and keeping track of active participation time, hospitals can make the most of virtual meetings for their highly trained staff. Make sure to measure interaction quality among your employees.

Moreover, you can develop some specific learning objectives and virtual assignments that are required for the sessions.

Send Regular Notifications to Participants

To keep track of hospital staff, regular notifications can be sent to participants so they can stay active. These notifications certainly have the power to bring out the best from doctors, physicians, and other paramedical staff!

On the other hand, you can also begin with a specific case and provide some basic information to these participants. Allow them to collaborate in small groups and send regular notifications if anything important comes up.

Track of Active Participation Time

Employees’ participation is crucial in making a virtual meeting more interesting and engaging. If no one knows one other, one approach to increase involvement is to ask your hospital staff to introduce themselves. If the majority of the individuals on the call are already acquainted, you may boost engagement by starting the conference with a smart trick such as having everyone express something about their respectiveмday.

By keeping track of the employees' active participation time, you can have a smooth virtual meeting with doctors, physicians, or other pharmaceutical staff.

Start with Fun Activities

Give these doctors and other paramedical staff access to gaming websites or devices where they may play around before the conference starts. If it's feasible, start the meeting with one of the attendees' who might say the first statement. There is also an option to start your virtual meeting with an icebreaker question. On the other hand, establishing response times or short meetings ensure that the information presented is concise and efficiently disseminated.

When attendees know they'll get a 10-minutes short break, they may focus more on the session and stay interactive. You can, of course, resume your session with an activity such as a poll, quiz, or anything similar. Don't forget to mute your microphones and pause the slideshow at the beginning of each break, then continue when you're ready.

The Optimal Number of Participants

To make the virtual sessions smooth, make sure to just get everyone involved in the discourse.Before the conference starts, send an email regarding the meeting agenda so the participants are well-aware.

Make sure to evaluate the optimal number of participants who are engaging and as well as what they would like the entire team to know.

Simultaneous Document Review

By evaluating the patient journeys, relevant articles, and white papers, Simultaneous DocumentReview helps employees to have adequate knowledge. Moreover, there are several numbers of key topics to cover in such discussions.

During an article review or evaluation session, you might want to turn off your camera and invite your guests to do so too. While not everyone likes to be on the video call, it will retain everyone's attention and keep them at the desktop for the assessment of the article.

Votes and Polls

Polls are an excellent technique to keep your participants engaged and of course, you can provide feedback in real-time. You may use polls to test their knowledge and grasp of the patient's history – that can assist to know more about current scenarios.

It's also a tremendous way to track involvement of your hospital employees. You may, for example, hold a poll or probably a contest and reward points for those accurate responses.

Breakout Sessions

When it comes to doctors’ contribution, breakout sessions play an important role in improving their skills and capabilities. You can engage these doctors in discussions, basic therapies, or some relaxation time or perhaps, online seminars.

Attendees who still haven't opted to respond to any question should be reminded that you are aware of their presence and that their input is valued.

Brainstorming Sessions

While focusing on brainstorming sessions, meeting through video calls in real-time and whiteboard tools can be carried out to keep them engaged and to stay updated on what they have in mind!

Throughout the brainstorming session, make sure to maintain an engaging setting where doctor sand pharmaceutical specialists can share their experiences, ask questions, and contribute to bringing new ideas.



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