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Company Updates

VABP Multilingual Update

From MphaR Team
June 21, 2022

When we were starting to build Virtual Advisory Board Platform, we aimed to create a tool that could help healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical companies communicate more efficiently. Our world was stepping into a new digital reality, and our goal was to make sure that the healthcare industry kept up with the times. VABP became a unique digital alternative to face-to-face events with a combination of features providing a quality synchronous and asynchronous collaboration.

We took on a challenge to help the healthcare industry become digitally friendly. Eventually, we’ve built a platform that acts as a bridge between physicians and pharmaceutical organisations. Our clients, including leading pharmaceutical companies, appreciate the ease of use and efficiency. 

Today, we want to continue improving the quality of interactions between HCPs. We are going further than ever before and giving our clients more opportunities for communication. 

We are excited to announce the VABP Multilingual release. Now, our platform is fully translated into 8 languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish and Chinese). Moreover, VABP has multilingual IT support for 120 languages. 

With the help of a multilingual team of our project managers, we can be sure that we provide our clients with quality service and support. On our LinkedIn we share personal stories of the project managers, so the followers can meet them.

To create worldwide coverage, we also translated the Virtual Advisory Board Platform website. Wherever website visitors are located, now, all of them have an opportunity to review all necessary information about VABP to support their scientific events. 

To give our users some inspiration for their future events and to represent VABP with its diversity of functions, we created Case Studies. It is possible to find many useful tips & tricks there to make your scientific event perfect. Visitors from many countries can do that because we have made the Case Study website multilingual. 

We could not be more proud of all the completed work. The team of project managers has done a great job. All these efforts were made to make sure that the clients all over the world can be heard and understood. We will continue our mission to improve the quality of virtual events and help the pharmaceutical industry to be more digitally friendly and productive.  


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